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Thursday, December 8 , 2016

Please return your angel for the angel tree by Thursday Dec. 15.

DECA: Bring your blankets to your third period class! Someone is going to get pizza, might as well be your class! Deadline is Dec 16.

The Red Cross Blood- Drive will be held on December 14th. You must be 16 years or older to donate. Signups will be held during lunch November 30th- December 9th in the cafeteria. Please sign up to help save lives!

There will be a mandatory Drama Club meeting during IRT on Monday, December 12th in the library.

There will be a brief track meeting for all boys on Thursday at 3:00 PM in the art room. All boys who received an envelope of tickets for the dinner this Saturday must attend the meeting. The meeting will only last 5 minutes.

Baseball open cage will begin on Wednesday, December 7th after school. Anyone interested in  playing baseball this year is encouraged to attend.

Today’s lunch:Chili, peanut butter sandwich, broccoli, celery, fruit, & Milk




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