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School Sportsmanship Award

The IHSAA Sportsmanship Handbook states to be eligible to win the IHSAA School Sportsmanship Award, the following nine criteria must be met:

1. Every winning school should have a written sportsmanship plan in place and on file in the principal's office.

2. Every winning school is expected to have a method for sharing its sportsmanship plan with faculty, coaches, parents, fans and the student body. (participating in this program constitutes compliance with this criterion.)

3. Every winning school should show the 2003-2004 IHSAA Sportsmanship Video to all school team members of all sports as well as the parents of all team members prior to the first game or meet of each season.  Team members should be asked to sign a sportsmanship pledge, which the IHSAA will provide and schools will keep on file.  Sportsmanship posters provided by the IHSAA must be posted in prominent, high traffic locations within the school and/or school grounds.

4.  Every winning school must read a sportsmanship message prior to every home sporting event, providing a public address system is available and in use.

5.  A winning school cannot have a coach ejected from a game because of a sportsmanship violation during the school year.

6.  A winning school cannot have a player ejected from a game because of a sportsmanship violation during the school year.

7.  A winning school cannot have a corroborated report about unsportsmanlike fan behavior filed by a licensed IHSAA official.

8.  A winning school cannot be on probation (or suspension) by the IHSAA due to a rules violation.

9.  The principal of each school that qualifies for the IHSAA School Sportsmanship Award will be asked to confirm that all of the above criteria have been met prior to the presentation of the award.

Years that Brownstown Central has received this award
1998-1999 2003-2004 2008-2009
1999-2000 2005-2006  2010-2011
2000-2001 2006-2007