Brownstown Central
High School

Guidance Department


Due to the changes with COVID-19 we have new scholarship procedures in place.  I apologize for any inconvenience, but these changes are necessary.  I have created a Google Classroom and emailed each of your students the code.   Students will now be required to use the Google Classroom.  All of the instructions and applications are included in Google Classroom.

Some scholarships will have to be mailed or emailed by the student.   Other scholarships must be submitted as a scanned document in classroom.   I have included a video on how to scan scholarships in classroom. No scholarships will be turned in to the school building.

If students need a copy of their transcript, they may email Mrs. Stuckwisch or Mr. Koch and we will send a copy.   Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation during this difficult time.

Click below to view the Senior Guide
pdf Senior Guide (1.20 MB)

If you need letters of recommendation for applications or scholarships please make sure you ask your recommender at least 10-14 days in advance.  Make sure you complete a Letter of Recommendation Request Form to give to the recommender.
Letter of Recommendation Request Form